PSoCâ„¢ Embedded Microcontrollers

Designing complex embedded circuitry used to require many components from different vendors. Start with a fast microcontoller, mix in some flash memory, select an A/D converter, add an instrumentation amplifier to boost the signal, drop in some communications chips, and glue it all together with some digital logic. Now, thanks to Cypress Microsystems, all that has changed.

The PSoCâ„¢ family of programmable system-on-chip devices replace multiple MCU-based system components with one single-chip, configurable device. A PSoC device includes configurable analog and digital peripheral blocks, a fast CPU, Flash program memory, and SRAM data memory in a range of convenient pin-outs and memory sizes. The driving force behind this innovative programmable system-on-chip comes from user configurability of the analog and digital arrays: the PSoC blocks.

By combining the functions of the analog and digital blocks, many different fuctions can be created. One 8-bit counter can be cascaded with another to create a 16-bit counter. Four 8-bit counters can create one 32-bit counter.

All blocks are defined by bits that are stored in the flash memory. This allows multiple configurations to be selected at run time. By unloading one configuration and loading another, the functional blocks can be re-used. A soda machine which takes in the money, returns the correct change and delivers the correct drink all day, can be reconfigured at midnight to become a 300 baud modem and transmit the whole day's sales, separated by item.

Active-X Automation

With over 25 years experience designing embedded systems, you can depend on ABCDEF to provide the right solution for your needs. Wether you require the high-speed of assembly language, the power and efficiency of C, or the sophistication of LabVIEW RT, we have the tools to get the job done accurately and on time. Thorough testing of the application ensures that the results are reliable and dependable. Call or email for a quote on a specific project that you are planning.

Areas of Expertise
Data Acquisition
Data Display
Test and Measurement
Temperature Measurements
Temperature Control
Instrument Control
ATE/Automated Test Equipment
Industrial Automation
Motion Control/Robotics
Fluid Injections
Chemical Sampling
Wafer Probing
Research and Development
Consumer Electronics

PSoC is a trademark of Cypress MicroSystems, Inc.

Last updated on: October 14th, 2023