Signatone Prober Interface for LabVIEW™

The LabVIEW™ Prober Interface was written by ABCDEF specifically for control of the Signatone probers.  The Interface is compatible with National Instruments LabVIEW™. DDE, GPIB and ActiveX versions are available. The DDE and ActiveX versions allow the computer controlling the prober to also perform test functions.  Alternatively, a separate computer with a GPIB interface allows greater power dedicated to the test processing.

The LabVIEW™ Interface enables fast and easy integration between a LabVIEW™ diagnostic or manufacturing testing application and the positioning capabilities of the prober system.  By combining these modules with computer-based or GPIB test equipment, an automatic test system can very quickly be assembled. Leverage the power of LabVIEW's instrument driver network to add a switch matrix, DMM, power-supply, signal source, parametric analyzer or a functional tester.

Using the power of LabVIEW™, any module that performs several tests on an individual die can be repeated across entire wafers with a very simple program. The prober interface includes functions to control the setup, wafer chuck, stage movement, microscope positioning, inker and program and template point sequencing. An example program to loop through a pre-loaded set of program points is included to get you started.

Functions provided by the Driver:




Load Setup File

Load/Unload the Wafer

Get Chuck Up

Load Program Point File

Go to Home

Get Chuck Position

Load Template File

Move Chuck Up or Down

Get Die Location

Set Home Position

Move to Program, Template

Get Light State

Set Z Home Position

Cap Up or Down

Check Last Program Point

Set Active Device Name

Trigger Inker

Get Edge Status

Clear Color Map

Reset Program Pointer

Get Column/Row

Color the Map

Move Absolute

Get Length of Program

Save Color Map

Move Relative

Get Program Point

Chase On/Off

Move Next Program Point

Get Quiet State

Scope Light On/Off

Move Back to Previous Point

Get Lot ID

Quiet Mode On/Off

Step Wafer

Get Template Label

Set Inker Delay

Move Z Absolute

Get Wafer ID


Move Z Relative

Get Device Name


Move to Column/Row

Get CAP Position


Get Scope Position


Interface Price
GPIB $1495
DDE $1495
Both $2495

To purchase this driver call ABCDEF at (800) 422-1523.

Drivers for some additional test equipment are available from National Instruments, the equipment's manufacturer, or a third party. LabVIEW is a registered trademark of National Instruments.

ABCDEF can provide consulting services to get your test system up and running quickly.

Last updated on: November 21st, 2019